Alocasia: Elephant's Ears

Alocasia: Elephant's Ears

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Elephant ears can be planted in full sun to part shade, but it prefers growing in a part shade or dappled sun location. Cultivars with darker leaves need more sun to maintain their color.


Keep elephant ear plants consistently moist. They can even survive nicely in 6 inches of standing water, although it is best to water the plant when the soil is wet and not soggy and never allow the soil to dry out thoroughly. In some climates—especially if growing in containers—these plants will need water daily or several times per day. Let the top of the soil be your guide. It should feel moist; if it's not, add water until it is.

Temperature and Humidity

Elephant ears are tropical plants that do best in circumstances that mimic their native habitat. They will be evergreen in USDA zone 10 or slightly warmer but will likely die back to the ground in zones 8 to 9, returning in the spring. This plant thrives in humidity, needing moisture constantly. In colder zones, the plant will die unless the tubers, corms, or root structures are dug up and stored for the winter.

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