Ficus: Ruby Rubber Plant

Ficus: Ruby Rubber Plant

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This plant is: 

  • Great for spaces with partial shade patios
  • Great for spaces with higher ceilings
  • Great for spaces with medium indirect light
  • Great for spaces with shelving or with an upward climbing trellis


Although you may have read that ficus can handle low light, we would not recommend it for Ruby. Ficus Ruby loves a few hours of the very early direct morning sun, followed by filtered, indirect light for the remainder of the day. The leaves will give off that ruby glow when exposed to over 8 hours of filtered light daily. However, the intense afternoon sun will burn the leaves if the plant has not been properly acclimated to full sunlight. Learn how to transition your sun-loving indoor plants to full sun. If the indoors is Ruby's final destination, place it in a brightly lit room, and if it's happy there, let that be it's forever home!


The Ficus elastica 'Ruby' is easier to care for than thin-leaved types of ficus. It prefers the soil to be somewhat damp most of the time but not soaked. In most cases, weekly watering is sufficient but temperatures and light exposure will dictate how much moisture the plant will use. Reduce the watering frequency in winter as the days get shorter and cooler. Yellowing and falling leaves indicate over-watering, leading to root rot and the ultimate demise of your Ruby Ficus! However, older, lower leaves can also turn yellow and fall off. If you notice this happening at a rapid pace (which is not normal!), pay close attention to the moisture level in the soil and make any necessary watering adjustments.


Ficus Ruby needs soil with drainage and the ability to hold moisture long enough for the roots to absorb it. Ficus should never be planted in dense soil mixtures with moisture-retaining crystals, so be sure to check the labels when purchasing pre-mixed potting soil. You can use a universal potting soil for ficus, but reduce the watering frequency when using this type of soil as it will retain water longer, causing potential damage to the roots! Nutrient-rich, loose soils are perfect mixtures for Ficus Ruby. If your soil is not draining well or you need to transplant, mix ¼ cactus soil with ¾ potting soil to increase drainage.


Temperatures between 65°F and 80°F are perfect for Ficus Ruby. Never allow temperatures to get below 55°F as the leaves can become misshaped and eventually fall off!


This plant prefers a relatively humid environment. Do what you can to increase the humidity for these tropical indoor plants. Try adding pebble trays filled with water under your ficus, group them, or use a cool mist humidifier. Learn how to increase the humidity in the air around your indoor plants!