Incense Sticks in Metal Case

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Experience the essence of Korean incense with Collins Incense Sticks. Made using the ancient "Sun-hyang" technique, these bamboo-free sticks combine wood and oil, offering a healthier and delicately scented experience. Handcrafted by a renowned master with 25+ years of expertise

70 sticks of incense that burn for 15-20 minutes each. Sturdy metal case the can be carried anywhere. Incense clip included. Natural Ingredients. Top can be used as burning tray. Quick start guide included.

Room No. 11 - A blend of wood and citrus reminiscent of "orchard soil"

Fluffy Pillow - Sweet Sandalwood scent for a cozy relaxed mood.

Welcome Drink - A fruity scent for refreshing mood.

Splash Diving - Refreshing aqua scent with hints of soapy jasmine.

Do Not Disturb - Subtle floral scent of lavender helps to calm and focus the mind.


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