Interesting Facts for Curious Minds

Interesting Facts for Curious Minds

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Want to impress your friends and family with both useful, worthless but undeniably interesting facts?

Then Interesting Facts For Curious Minds: 1572 Random But Mind Blowing Facts About History, Science, Pop Culture and Everything in Between is the book for you!

In this book you’ll find the answers to questions such as:

  • When did zero become a number?
  • Who was the inventor of Bitcoin?
  • What did the Big Bang sound like?
  • How have sports changed around the world?
  • What’s a malapropism?

Interesting Facts For Curious Minds gives you the answer to all these and many, many more questions that I know have crossed your mind from time to time. This book is divided into 63 chapters by topic for your convenience, bringing you a nice mix of science, history, pop culture, and all sorts of stuff in between. Each chapter contains 25 concise yet engaging factoids that are sure to make you think and at times laugh.

How you read this book is entirely up to you. I’m sure most of you will read it cover to cover at some point, but when you’re with friends and family you can pick the chapters out that most appeal to all of you.

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