Lithops Living Stone

Lithops Living Stone

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Living stones prefer full sun year-round, meaning at least six hours of sunlight on most days. When growing these succulents indoors, place them by your brightest window (south-facing exposure is best). Insufficient light can cause elongated leaves and poor leaf coloring.


These plants like sandy soil with plenty of drainage. A potting mix formulated for cacti is ideal for living stones, and the container should have several holes on the bottom for drainage.


Living stones must be watered on a seasonal schedule that mimics the rainfall they would get in their natural habitat. Don’t water in summer or over the winter when the plant is dormant. Then drench the soil, allowing it to dry our completely before watering again--about 1-2 weeks. Once the new leaves begin forming in the spring, water whenever the soil dries out—just enough to make it slightly moist. Pause watering again in the summer during the plant's second dormant period. Resume watering in early fall, just before the plant is ready to flower. If the leaves start to completely shrivel up while the plant is dormant, you can give it a very small amount of water to plump them up again.


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