Men's Solid Cologne Tin

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Geotanical solid cologne is a salve-like product designed to make only the user fragrant and not the entire room. It’s like wearing spray cologne without shouting it. Wrapped in the perfect little take-with-you tin, freshening up anywhere is no issue. To apply: use fingers to apply directly to the neck, collarbone, or wrists.


Tobacco Teak: Leather | Allspice | Wood Bold and complex, Tobacco Teak is an eclectic combination of spices from the West Indies mixed with tropical hardwoods native to southeast Asia. It's spicy like clove yet sweet like a tobacco leaf, even offering notes of full-grain leather.

Sitka Woodland: Gin | Cedar | Balsam Sitka Woodland is suggestive of dry gin on a hot day, fresh notes of spruce and cedar with a slide of red currant, and a dash of sweet balsam. A classic woodland wonder!

Birch Charcoal: CYPRESS | MINT | SMOKE Birch Charcoal consists of cooling eucalyptus and sweet smoke to light up your senses, followed by pungent wooded notes of cypress.

Black Coral Tide: MARINE | AMBER | MUSK Mysterious and deep, Black Coral Tide touches on sweet, musky notes that are reminiscent of high-end colognes. Harnessing that “clean” scent it might as well have the naturally self-cleansing properties of the ocean.

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