National Park + WPA Posters

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The Works Progress Administration (WPA) was an ambitious employment and infrastructure program created by President FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT in 1935, during the bleakest years of the GREAT DEPRESSION.

Over its Eight years in existence, the WPA put roughly 8.5 million Americans to work.

The WPA's FEDERAL ART PROJECT hired unemployed artists to make paintings, murals, sculptures, graphic art, photography, theater sets, museum scenes, arts and crafts, and two million silk-screened posters - Most are now lost.

Of the original 14 NATIONAL PARKS POSTERS, only 12 of the designs have been recovered and less than 50 of the original posters are believed to be in circulation.

Four of the National Park Posters have been captured and stored in the Library of Congress. 

These prints (available here) are reproduced from the digital capture of the original surviving posters.


18x24: Zion, Grand Canyon, Goats Preserve

16x20: Montana See America, Teddy, Wild LIfe