Peperomia: Obtusifolia

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The Peperomia obtusifolia, or “baby rubber plant”, is characterized by its thick spoon-shaped green leaves. 


Baby Rubber Trees prefer medium bright indirect light.  For this type of light, it is best to place them in front of a south- or west-facing window or close to (but not in front of) a north- or east-facing window.  (Learn more about light requirements for indoor plants)


Peperomia with waxy leaves like to have the soil dry out between watering; ones with softer, thinner leaves need to be watered more often.  A moisture meter can help determine when it’s time to water your plants! 


Temperatures between 60-80℉ are ideal, and they can withstand temps as low as 55℉.  However, these tropical houseplants love warmer conditions, so the warmer, the better!


As with most tropical indoor plants, Peperomias benefit from higher humidity, but will do fine in average household air.

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