Polka Dot Plant

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When grown outdoors, polka dot plants like a spot with some shade. Pick a planting site that's not in low light or too much light or else you can expect the foliage colors to fade, lessening the plant's ornamental value. Bright, indirect light is ideal indoors, such as from an east- or south-facing window. 


Polka dot plants prefer organically rich soil with good drainage. An all-purpose organic potting mix is typically suitable for these plants. Mix in some pumice or perlite to improve soil drainage.


These plants like a moderate amount of moisture in the soil at all times. Avoid letting the soil completely dry out, which can cause the foliage to wilt and make the plant struggle to survive. Never let the soil become soggy, which can cause root rot and kill the plant. Water the plant when the top half-inch of soil has dried out. Give enough water to moisten the soil evenly. You will need to water container plants more frequently than in-ground plants. Slightly reduce watering in the winter and resume your routine once growth picks up again in the spring.

Temperature and Humidity

Polka dot plants are only hardy in USDA growing zones 10 and 11, preferring temperatures over 60 degrees F. They should be planted outside in the spring after the threat of frost has passed and brought inside if you plan to overwinter them well before the first frost of the fall. These plants like humid conditions, preferring a minimum humidity level of 50 percent. If you need to raise the humidity, you can mist your plant’s leaves or place its pot on a tray filled with pebbles and water as long as the bottom of the pot isn’t touching the water.


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