Blooming: Rex Begonia

Blooming: Rex Begonia

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Important! Begonia are poisonous if ingested, so be very careful if you have pets and/or small children.


Medium to bright indirect light is ideal for Begonia houseplants. Light helps draw out the variegation of the leaves, so the plant may look a bit drab if placed in an area without enough light. Direct light should be avoided, as this can damage and singe the leaves.


Determining when to water a Begonia can be a challenge for new (or at least new to Begonia) plant owners. This is a type of plant that likes consistently damp soil. Don't allow the soil to completely dry out, but it's important to let the soil somewhat dry out. 

Wait to water until the top couple of inches of soil are dry. When you do water, completely saturate the soil until water runs through the drainage holes in the pot. Make sure to empty the cache pot or the saucer, so the plant is not sitting in water. 

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