Ficus Rubber Plant

Ficus Rubber Plant

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The Rubber Plant prefers bright, indirect light, but it will tolerate moderate, indirect sunlight.  Avoid fully shaded areas.


It is better to underwater your Rubber Plant than over water because over watering causes yellowing leaves and root rot.  To help avoid soggy conditions, make sure your Rubber Plant is placed in well-draining soil (add sand or peat to your potting soil). During the growing season, water thoroughly once the top two inches of the soil is dry.


Keep the plant in comfortable home temperatures 65-80℉. They can tolerate cooler temperatures, but warmer environments with plenty of air circulation will be the ideal conditions!


Rubber plants prefer medium to high humidity, but can withstand lower humidity levels. If you find the leaf tips start turning brown, this could indicate a lack of humidity. To raise the humidity, use a cool mist humidifier placed near your rubber tree!

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