Sansevieria: Bird's Nest / Hahnii 4"

Sansevieria: Bird's Nest / Hahnii 4"

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Sansevieria Hahnii is a popular, compact Bird’s Nest Snake Plant. The dark, glossy leaves are funnel shaped and form an elegant rosette of lush succulent foliage with horizontal grey-green variegation. Sansevieria will adapt to different light levels, however the colors are enhanced in bright, filtered conditions. These are robust, stocky plants. Perfect if you’re looking for a Sansevieria with all their easy-care qualities, but don’t have the space for one of the taller varieties.

LIGHT: Ideally, the Bird's Nest Snake plant benefits from a few hours of light every day. Bright light encourages fast growth, and the plant will produce new leaves.

TEMPERATURE: Hahnii Snake plants grow exceptionally well in average room temperatures. As long as the temperature is between 55°F and 85°F (13°C – 29°C), the sansevieria will thrive. The snake plant will grow in colder or hotter temperatures, but its growth will be affected.

WATER: Water a Sansevieria as often as the potting soil dries out. Only water the snake plant when the top 2” (5 cm) of soil is dry. Then, drench the soil until it drains from the bottom. The next time you need to water the succulent is when the soil is partially dry.

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