Sanseveria: Sayuri

Sanseveria: Sayuri

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As with most other tropical plants, Sansevieria sayuri also has slim leaves with foliage that grows upright and has high air filtration capacity.

Sansevieria sayuri is fairly easy to care for. It does need plenty of indirect sunlight, well-draining potting soil, and only needs to be watered approximately once every two weeks. Fertilizer is rarely needed and the plant will be very happy at room temperature.

Its lance-shaped elongated individual leaves can vary in color, from light green to gray. Older leaves may turn a beautiful silvery gray, which is where the nickname Sansevieria Metallica originates from. Due to their sharpened edges, the leaves can easily cut through paper, and for this reason, this plant is also called Mother in Law’s Tongue.

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