String of Buttons

String of Buttons

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String of buttons Crassula perforata is a low-maintenance, non-toxic succulent. It has a very distinctive look with thick, triangular leaves stacked snugly around the stems. The leaves are pale green with reddish edges that change to a deeper red shade when exposed to bright sunlight.

LIGHT:  String of Buttons needs at least 6 hours of light daily. It tolerates different lighting conditions, from full-sun to partial shade, but it grows best under very bright, indirect light. Direct sunlight may help to intensify the color of the leaves, but intense, scorching sun might be harmful to this plan.

TEMPERATURE: This plant grows best in normal room temperatures (between 65°F-80°F). It can be grown outdoors in warm climate regions (USDA zones 9 and higher). It does not grow well in extreme heat or freezing temperatures.

WATER: As a succulent, String of Buttons does not need frequent watering. Only water when the soil is dry to the touch. Water thoroughly and drain well after each watering. Reduce watering in colder months.

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