"Take Cover" 4 -in-1 Outdoor Card Game for Kids + Families

"Take Cover" 4 -in-1 Outdoor Card Game for Kids + Families

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Holding down the fort? Our "Take Cover" 4 in 1 Playing Cards come in a weather-proof aluminum tin and is sure to keep cabin fever or s'more-induced zoomies at bay. Prepare for endless laughs and good ol' fashioned entertainment.

Take Cover Playing Cards include 4 outdoor-themed games and tips in addition to full set of cards to play all the classics. Ideal for the backyard or the backcountry, this compact game set is perfect for fort nights, campgrounds, car rides, and campfires.

Each card suit has its own theme with games, quizzes and how-to's: * HEARTS: Shelter Tips (How-To) * SPADES: Would You Rather (Game) * DIAMONDS: Story Prompts (Game) * CLUBS: Home Sweet Home (Quiz)

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