ZZ Plant: "Black Raven"

ZZ Plant: "Black Raven"

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Raven ZZ plant can be grown in low, medium, or bright light. But if planted in a low-light area, it will have pale green and fewer black leaves. While growing indoors, make sure it gets as much daylight as possible.


Use a well-draining growing medium. Opt for a blend of succulent potting mix and perlite with a wee bit of organic matter for the best growth. Avoid using compact or garden soil if you want the leaves to be dark.


Water the plant when the top one or two inches of the growing medium feels dry to the touch. This plant stores moisture in its potato-like, thick rhizomes that make it withstand several weeks without water. This means you don’t need to water it very often.

Keep in mind that this plant dislikes wet feet, and waterlogging can cause root rot, which will make the dark foliage appear pale and dull. You should also avoid using hard water to saturate this houseplant.


This plant doesn’t need high humidity like some common houseplants like pothos and philodendron, but you can grow it in humid conditions beside other houseplants.


The plant will perform best in a stable room temperature between 60 to 85 F (15-30 C), which makes it one of the best plants to grow indoors without any worries. Ensure it is not exposed to a temperature below 50 F (10 C).

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