Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

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These plants like lots of bright indirect light, so they do best on a sunny shelf or near a window. While Aloe plants definitely like the bright light they can receive from a south- or west-facing window, make sure they are not so close that they receive any direct light as this can cause burns.


Aloe plants certainly need water, but they prefer to wait between waterings and they don’t mind if you’re sometimes a few days late with water. Let the soil completely dry out before you water your Aloe vera plant. Lots of factors, like light and humidity determine how often an Aloe vera plant will need water, but it is normal for this plant to go a couple of weeks between waterings.

When you do give water your Aloe plant, make sure it receives a nice long drink. If your plant is in a pot with drainage then water your Aloe until water runs straight through. Make sure not to leave standing water in a cache pot or tray. Keep in mind that your Aloe vera may need less water during the colder months.


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