Fern: Kangaroo Paw

Fern: Kangaroo Paw

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These plants prefer to grow in full sun. At least six hours of direct sunlight on most days will enable kangaroo paw plants to produce the best growth and blooms. They can even tolerate intense light from hot afternoon sun. Insufficient light, on the other hand, can cause tall plants to flop over and lessen bloom production.


Sandy soil with a slightly acidic pH (5.8 to 6.5) is their preferred growth medium but kangaroo paws can tolerate a variety of soil types, as long as there is good drainage.


Kangaroo paw plants prefer a moderate amount of soil moisture, though they have some drought tolerance. Soggy soil can cause root rot and kill the plants. So wait until the top couple inches of soil are dry to the touch before watering. However, in the spring and summer when most of the blooming occurs, kangaroo paw does appreciate some additional water.

Temperature and Humidity

These plants thrive in the heat, and frost can be fatal. They like temperatures between roughly 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. They also naturally thrive in dry conditions but can tolerate some humidity, too.


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