Palm: Ponytail

Palm: Ponytail

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Ponytail palms and Sago Palms thrive in bright indirect light for at least five hours a day. Without this sunlight, their health will decline, as indicated by the leaves turning yellow and dropping.  It’s a good habit to rotate your plant every week or so to help promote a well-proportioned, full figure.


The large basse of the Ponytail and Sago Palms will store lots of water, so always err on the side of dryness.  You will only need to water these plants approximately once a month, but the ideal frequency of watering will be determined by pot size (the smaller the pot, the greater the frequency), soil type, and amount of light and warmth they receive.  If you are using a potting soil that retains water, then allow the soil to completely dry out between watering.  If you are using a potting soil with significant drainage, then be sure to keep an eye on the soil -- Both Ponytail and Sago Palms can suffer if left without water for extensive periods of time. If these houseplants are in bright indirect light and the temperatures are high, then they will need more water than if placed is a cooler, darker spot.


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