String Of Pickles

String Of Pickles

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A bright, sunny, south-facing window that receives at least six hours of direct sunlight is the ideal environment for a string of rubies. When grown outdoors, a string of rubies does best in full sun to partial shade conditions. This means that when this succulent is grown indoors it should be given as much light as possible. 

True to its name, when a string of rubies is grown in direct sun, the leaves will turn ruby red. However, when grown in low light conditions, the leaves will revert to green and the plant is more likely to become leggy.

If you do not have an area that receives enough sunlight for your string of rubies, it will also do well under strong grow lights.



Let your string of rubies dry out thoroughly between waterings. As with most succulents, the string of rubies is easily susceptible to root rot if overwatered and is considered drought-tolerant. Let the soil dry out and then water your string of rubies thoroughly, allowing any excess water to drain out of the pot.

Temperature and Humidity

The string of rubies is not a cold weather succulent and does best in warmer temperatures. Never let your string of rubies sit in temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) for extended periods of time.

When grown indoors, a string of rubies does well in typical household temperature and humidity levels. Avoid placing your string of rubies next to cold or drafty windows during extreme winter temperatures.

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